Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dice Towers

I don't know about you but I rather use towers, for a few reasons. I have young nephews, who like to throw dice across the table if we don't use one, but not with a tower,  no arguments about how you rolled your dice and then the screams of "YOU CHEATED!" No dice fall from the table rolling to parts unknown for which you don't find till the next spring cleaning. Also I have a few little dogs as well and in general if it hits the floor they feel they have to grab it and run around the house with what ever it is, wagging their tails all the way with thoughts of "What a Prize I have!"  Then more screaming, Stop! Come back here, give me that back you lil #$%&!    No don't chew on that!   Stop!

Here is a site to give you ideas of one you may like to make or own, to save your dice from such horrors myself I went with this one which is on the same page as the others. Just download the PDF file print and get started.

It was easy to make and works well, the foamboard cost $1.60 (USD) and the rest of the stuff I already had, dressed the outside up as an outer space ship hull, would show pictures but now is a fine time for my camera to take a dump, Just when I'm starting a blog and need to take pictures "Murphy's Law" is in full effect.

So there you have it a snip of my world

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