Saturday, May 11, 2013

Imperial Marines

I'm a huge Traveller RPG fan, player and GM. One of my goals is to post Miniatures on here that will work very well for Traveller gaming.
First up Imperial Marines, for 15mm gaming, they came in a box set and in 25mm,

 This the box cover.

                                        And here are the figures below that come in the box.
                                             These belong to someone else.(25mm range)

Now they are Out of Production (OOP) you can find them from time to time on Auction sites.
So what to do, plus they are the wrong size for 15mm gaming.

No problem Ground Zero Games has a line of United Nations Space Command or UNSC for short.

They fit the bill and just for the record they have the same style in 25mm on their site as well for those of you who wish to play in 25mm.

                                                UNSC Hardsuit Marines in Hardsuits with Plasma Rifles.

                                      UNSC Hardsuit Marine heavy weapons teams with RAM Mortars.

                                UNSC Hardsuit Marine heavy weapons teams with plasma guns.

                            UNSC Hardsuit Marines in Micromissile Launchers and Laser Snipers.

Plus a couple of other sets of Marines.

Their on my wish list and will get a few sets of them. One set will be painted in the traditional red and the others will be painted in different colors for mercenary units.

If you wish to make a detailed Soldier, Marine  or Mercenary character for your Traveler gaming and do more infantry combat heres a book for you.

You can find it on Auction sites or just go here Mongoose Publishing

I hope this helps you with your gaming and enjoyment of Traveller as I have and still do.


  1. The GZG UNSC/H Marines are perfect for use as Imperial Marines. I bought the Intro Set from GZG and almost painted them the Crimson Red of the Marines of the Third Imperium. Might get another set and do just that. Love Traveller.

    You ever check out Waystar High Port?

    Kobold is a friend and he has a great Traveller blog.

    1. Thanks saved the link and will check it out in detail

    2. Thanks again for the link, I have been checking it out, lots of really good stuff there again thanks