Monday, May 20, 2013

Terrain Boards

Saw this terrain board set up for Battletech on Terragenesis and knew I had to have one for myself!

After reading on, I found out it is modular and can be set up in a number of different ways, he did his up in hexes for movement reasons, for which he hid very well as for blending them into the terrain you can see them but not in away that distracts from the boards overall, which is just fine by me, he made all the hills on the board's edge very much the same at the edges so you can line them up very well in any different order, you can learn more of this by reading on at the link above, there are lots and lots of pictures and detailed notes on every step of construction.

I believe I wouldn't have glue the trees in place and would use some other means for them. I would have to give myself a little bigger open area with less water and streams for a small town, buildings or outpost in general, other then that it is a really great piece of work and well worth the time to read, as for myself this is a project that I will have to take up further down the road for right now. I do find myself going back to this again and again I just can't get over how well it's made and the planning that went into it, I hope this would help someone to do the same and build their own terrain boards I can see many hours of gaming fun and never getting bored with this set up. It could very well be the last set of terrain boards you would ever want to build.

(Update 7 July 14)
Seems the host web site to the link above purges projects posted on their site after 300 days to save server space the auther claims that he will make a wiki link with his step by step of his work as soon as he can and I will adjust as soon as he does his postings.

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