Monday, May 13, 2013

Renegade Legion

Let me talk about a game that I believe gets to little attention! for a gamer like me this is a great game to play on different levels.

"Renegade Legion"

With a Roman style background mixed with Sci-Fi weapons and transportation, and a break away or separate British style fraction, seems to me a great mix for gaming.

It combines Role Playing and Miniature combat, above is the cover "Legionnaire" for the role playing game part and you may use 15mm figures in play and there are addition books and box sets as well.

"Centurion" covered ground combat of armor, artillery and infantry, for which one could play in 6mm.

current box sets have plastic vehicles which are fairly nice, but if it's metal vehicles you want then you can go to CinC Miniature's and get the same vehicles there. Love to see some of these come out in 15mm there are some close look alike.

5951 - Aeneas TOG Light Tank

They are nice and detailed as you can see from the picture above.

"Leviathan" is a Star ship battle game of ships on ships the box sets come with die cut ships which one can replace with metal ones as well and there are plenty out there to choose from as replacements.

Some of the Capital Ships in the came can be folded in box shapes to give you a bigger look.

"Prefect" Is a game for those who like something on a much bigger scale Systems and planetary takeover and invasion, where one controls thousands of different units.

"Interceptor" I mention last is a Star fighter game, and a little complex as far as I believe for damage to ships goes and can slow the game down, I would just fudge some of them a make your own house rules to speed it up some but all in all a good game.

Fighters are die cut markers as well as other objects, fighters are single, or double seated.

Overall this is a great total system of game play and I hear very little about and find it hard to find other players, I suggest get it and get your gaming group involved and have some fun!

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