Thursday, May 30, 2013

Traveller's Imperial Army

Okay we all know that Ground Zero Games  has great figures for Traveller's Imperial Marines

But what about the Imperial Army in Traveller? There are stats for generating a character with an Army background, so what miniatures would you have for an Imperial Army in Traveller, myself I'm going to go with these guys the New Israeli also from Ground Zero Games
They have lots of different poses and weapon systems

Of course it's all in one's taste as to what figures one would want to use as for their Imperial Army. Yes the Imperial Marines are great for doing ship to ship fighting and the initial ground assault or to quickly crush a revolt of some miners on some forgotten asteroid but for your longer ground campaigns or for an outpost in the middle of nowhere your going to need an Army.

Now go out and have your players look for work in a bar half full of Imperial Marines and the other half with Imperial Army with nothing but time on their hands and their brains half polluted, toss in some locals and remember everyone is carrying a loaded weapon! Oh yes it's going to be a good time at "O-Mally's" tonight! Then in time someone is going to call the local police.



  1. I've seen it suggested (and I think it was in GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces) that while most Army units would use the equipment and tech appropriate to their Home World, a percentage of units would be upgraded as Imperial Army, or Lift Battalions - equipped to a degree that would warrant their deployment off their homeworld.

    If we assume Imperial Marines use standardized armour and weapons designs, and generally operate at TL15 with Battledress and FGMP-15s, then Imperial Army units will probably operate to TL14 with Combat Armour and Gauss Rifles, with VRF Gauss Guns and FGMP-14s and PGMP-14s in a squad support role - of course, YMMV.

    Along with GZG NI, you could also use Khurasan Federals and CMG ARC Fleet troops as they appear to have similar armour - a squad of each within an Imperial Army Platoon could be a nice way of showing the Army's more ad hoc recruitment and supply systems where contingents from different planets might end up serving together in the same unit.

    1. Oh yes I agree, that Army units would be supplied from different homeworlds, and there would be a slight differents in equipment and weapon, and I was leaning towards Khurasan's Feds, and totally forgot about CMG ARC Fleet troops so a mix of all should work well.

      I figure units from a inital homeworld would work together at first and as replacements come in from different world and with eqipment that they are accustom to.

      I was just going to keep it simple, but a mix would be more appropiate for your veteran units

      Thank you for the sugestion I will work on it.